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Sexual Harassment Training for Employees


At the close of this session, you will be able to:


  • Define Sexual harassment.
  • State the importance of preventing sexual harassment at the workplace.
  • Describe MEIGER Health policy and procedures for responding and reporting sexual harassment.
  • Understand your responsibilities as staff of MEIGER Health


What is Sexual Harassment?

  • Unwelcome (unwanted) sexual advances (in other words, one party making sexual moves that the other party does not agree with) .
  • Requests for sexual favors (such as asking staff to put on “sexy” dress or perform sexual act).


Forms of Sexual Harassment

  • Soliciting sexual act in exchange for another favor (Quid Pro Quo)

An example is the supervisor asking that you perform a sexual act in exchange for promotion or “easy” schedule.

  • Use of sexually explicit language at work

An example is your colleague telling you that you have “beautiful” legs.


Who can be involved in sexual harassment?

  • Those who commit – employees at all levels, customers, members of the same sex.
  • Those who are targeted – victims, bystanders and, in some cases, witnesses who are affected by the harassment.


Why is it important to prevent sexual harassment in our  workplace?

  • Sexual harassment harms us all.  The most important part of our corporate values is to ensure all employees are treated with respect and dignity.  Engaging in, condoning, or not reporting sexual harassment are in direct conflict with our values.


Why it’s Important (cont’d)

  • Compliance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act which prohibits sex discrimination (including gender identity, change of sex and/or transgender status).
  • Compliance with similar state civil rights laws and fair employment laws.


Your Rights and Responsibilities

  • Report incidents that you experience directly or witness to the HR manager within 24 hours
  • MEIGER Health will not retaliate for filing a report
  • Staff must not knowingly file misleading report



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