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CONTINUOUS EDUCATION – HIV/AIDS Caring for a person with HIV/AIDS requires both physical and emotion support and can be an exhausting task. It also requires taking care of yourself — managing the stress of caregiving and keeping yourself healthy — so you can provide the care your loved one needs. It is important to be in contact with every person involved in caring for the patient, including family members.   WHAT IS HIV/AIDS? Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the virus that causes AIDS. When the amount of virus in the patient’s body becomes very high, it results in AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). With AIDS, the patient’s immune system (or the ability to fight off infections and other diseases) does not function very well. With treatment,…

Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

  Everyone has a right to live a safe, happy life, free from harm. Unfortunately, many people do not understand or respect individuals with disabilities and will either harm or take advantage of them. What is Abuse? A- Definition : When someone tries to hurt you, cause you pain by hitting , kicking, or slapping you When someone does not stop someone else from causing you physical pain     B- Types of Abuse:  Physical: Someone hitting, kicking, slapping you or using more force than is reasonably necessary for the safety of the individual. Signs that someone is being physically abused: Too much medicine Broken bones, sprains Unexplained injuries Missing hair or teeth Sexual Abuse: Any sexual activity or attempted sexual activity (touching, hugging, intercourse) between…

Cultural Differences and Healthcare

    How does the culture of your family differ from American Anglo-Saxon people? Check all that apply.   We eat different foods – they do not like the spices that I like to use on my foods. Our musical tastes differ. Our forms of worship are similar. Our forms of worship are different. The things they value differ from the things I value. They do not value their elders. We both value our elders. They do not value their children like I do. They do not see the opportunities I see in America, they take a lot for granted.   Yesterday I met a New Yorker at the Metro Station.  Like all New Yorkers I have met, he was moving fast.  He walked to…

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